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Taurus Horoscopes

Quick Overview

You are still feeling anxious about the consequences of a recent decision. Don't despair, there will soon be a resolution.

Extended Overview

We're not always able to influence others or change their minds when we see that they're heading down a difficult path. We want to rescue them, protect them, and offer them our guidance and wisdom. We have been down a similar road, and we know which signs to watch out for and where the pot holes might be. People feel as if those sorts of problems won't happen to them, and so they tend to focus on the final reward without considering the challenges along the way. They feel invincible. We can't live their lives for them, and they may not always take our advice, but sometimes the best we can do is to let them know that our support and guidance is available to them when they need it.

Career Overview

Only you know what your passions are. Feed them, nourish them, and nurture them.