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Sagittarius Horoscopes

Quick Overview

This is a time for successful dealings and negotiations. Small steps and careful attention to detail will pay off later.

Extended Overview

On this side of the street, there are hopes and dreams. On the other side of the street, there are possibilities, adventures and achievements. The road represents our fears. On the opposite side of our fears are the things that we want to achieve. Crossing that road is never easy; stepping off the pavement and crossing to the other side can be daunting. You might choose to stay on the safe side, or you might look both ways and step on to the road and begin your journey to the other side. Which will it be today?

Career Overview

Difficult relationships at work can make your working life very uncomfortable or stressful. We all deal with conflict in different ways; some better than others. If things are getting out of hand, seek assistance or mediation from your superiors.