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Leo Horoscopes

Quick Overview

New changes will bring joy into your life. Be open to them. Don't close the door to your own happiness.

Extended Overview

Life can be tricky at times. Not only are you trying to navigate and sail on the sea of life, you're madly trying to build the boat that you're already floating on at the same time. That's like trying to build a tower while you're standing on top of it. However, we can take heart knowing that others have come before us and their knowledge and wisdom can help guide us forward. If you're currently feeling like you don't know how to add another level to your tower, look to the experiences of others and get some inspiration from their progress. Lessons from the past inform the future.

Career Overview

It's disappointing when your plans don't work out exactly as you anticipate, but that's not a good enough reason to give up entirely. Reevaluate and try again.