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Capricorn Horoscopes

Quick Overview

Through force of will and determination, you will achieve much at this time.

Extended Overview

It's easy to spend too much time looking at the forest (our goals) and not seeing the trees (enjoying the present moment). A beautiful field of flowers isn't beautiful because it's a field; it's beautiful because each flower contributes to the beauty of the scene. At different moments in our day, we need to stop looking at the field and focus our attention on the beauty of a single flower; that way, we remind ourselves to live in the moment and appreciate the little things that make the big things worthwhile.

Career Overview

If you give someone a fish, they can eat for a night. If you give them a fishing rod, they can eat every night. The same example is true when it comes to praise and feedback. You can give someone a temporary boost by offering praise, or you can help them to improve and grow by offering feedback. Feedback will last longer and have a far greater impact than mere praise.